Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pope Benedict addresses the Roman Rota!

This is a must read: Against the Tide: Marriage Is Not Impossible. Pretty much in line with what John Paul II and many other Popes have said. Pope Benedict is reaffirming that tribunals especially in the U.S. are issuing too many annulments by abusing the grounds of mental incapacity otherwise known as defect of consent. This is the ground that is used by far more than any other, because one could stretch it to say almost anything could be a defect of consent. All of the other grounds are much more difficult and don't have the same kind of wiggle room. If you find yourself fighting for the validity of your marriage and truly believe in your heart that it is, then you should insist on the tribunal of second instance being the Roman Rota. In other words appeal the decision directly to the Roman Rota. The reason is because the annulment decrees granted in the U.S. that are appealed directly to the Roman Rota, 80%-90% are overturned and declared valid! We need to pray for marriage and families in our country.


  1. "If documentary process annulments are created by factors over which tribunals lack control, ordinary process declarations of nullity are in large measure the product of canonical legerdemain. Determining a person's state of mind and will when consent was exchanged is a formidable psychological and juridical undertaking. It scarcely needs saying that psychiatry and clinical psychology are not hard, exact sciences. Unless reliable clinical findings are available, the evidentiary trail is obscure and decisions that are supposed to embody moral certitude are in reality psychological and juridical guesses."

    - Professor Robert H. Vasoli, What God Has Joined Together: The Annulment Crisis in American Catholicism; 1998.

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