Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From the mouth of Pope Benedict XVI!

Recently Pope Benedict XVI spoke about families saying "families are beleaguered and under siege". He noted that this was especially true in western countries that have embraced a culture of divorce. He spoke the hard truth and sometimes the truth is very hard. Here are some excerpts of what the Pope said:

"This is the principle that is being undermined and compromised by the practice of divorce, through the so-called extended and mobile family which increases the number of 'fathers' and 'mothers' and leads to a situation today in which the majority of those who feel orphaned are not children without parents but children with a surplus of parents. This situation, with its inevitable ... crisscross relationships cannot but generate internal conflict and confusion that contributes to giving children a distorted idea of the family".

"The firm conviction of the Church is that the true solution to the problems which married couples currently face and which weaken their union is a return to the solidity of the Christian family, a place of mutual trust, of reciprocal giving, of respect for freedom and of education to social life".

"With all the understanding the Church feels towards certain situations, couples in their second marriage are not like those in their first; theirs is an irregular and dangerous situation which must be resolved, in faithfulness to Christ, finding, with the help of the priest, a way possible to rehabilitate everyone involved", the Holy Father said.

The rest, and I strongly encourage it can be read here:

It' s a boy!

My sister-in-law Sarah, and brother-in-law Justin are having a boy! I just want to congratulate them again as they embark on parenthood and all of its joys!