Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hooray for Bishop Olmsted

PHOENIX, AZ (Catholic Online) - We present the full statement of Bishop Thomas Olmsted declaring that St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix can no longer identify itself as a Catholic institution. It was released by the Diocese of Phoenix along with a formal decree revoking Episcopal Consent to Claim the "Catholic" name according to Canon #216.

We have covered this story at length as it has unfolded. It is tragic, but vitally important and historic. We affirm the clear and courageous action taken by the Bishop and ask our readers to pray for him. We also ask that you pray for those Catholics still in leadership of this institution. The Bishops statement sets forth with great specificity his pastoral concern, the necessity of his action, and the vital issues involved. It is followed by the formal Decree of Revocation.


Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix

Jesus says (Cf. Mt 25:40), "Whatever you did for the least of my brothers and sisters, you did for me." Caring for the sick is an essential part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout our history, the Church has provided great care and love to those in need. With the advent of Catholic hospitals, the faithful could also be confident that they were able to receive quality health care according to the teachings of the Church.

Authentic Catholic care in the institutions of Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) in the Diocese of Phoenix has been a topic of discussion between CHW and me from the time of our initial meeting nearly seven years ago. At that first meeting, I learned that CHW already did not comply with the ethical teachings of the Church at Chandler Regional Hospital. The moral guide for Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions is spelled out in what are called the Ethical and Religious Directives of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Gift of Self

'The Gift of Self': a revolutionary book for summer reading

In Cincinnati OH, at the 2010 conference of Catholic family life ministers, a new book was introduced by the Diocese of Fort Wayne—South Bend. Byzantine-rite Catholic priest, Rev. Christopher Zugger, says it is revolutionary. "The Gift of Self" by Maria Pia Campenella, is a pastoral aid for married people who are separated and divorced and choose to remain faithful to their marriage. Originally published in Italian, the foreign language edition was previewed last year by Lisa Everett, who co-directs the diocesean Family and Pro-Life Office in Fort Wayne—South Bend. Lisa knew Italian from her time at the John Paul II institute in Rome. The diocese debuted the book at their exhibitor's table on June 24th. Everett says "This book contains a beautiful and profound spirituality for spouses who find themselves drawn into the mystery of Christ's passion and death because of separation or divorce. The author offers helpful direction to parishes and pastoral ministers in providing concrete material, emotional and spiritual support to those who have been abandoned by a spouse."

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Awesome prayer!

You confirm the true faith
with the crown of martyrdom.
May the prayers of Saints John Fisher and Thomas More
give us the courage to proclaim our faith
by the witness of our lives.
Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. + Amen.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gotta love Pope Benedict
The Pope recently addressed the Pontifical Council for the Family and had some pretty powerful stuff here is a little bit:

The greatest help that can be given to children is a family where mother and father love them and each other, Benedict XVI says.

"Certainly," he said, "it is precisely the family, founded on marriage between a man and a woman, which is the greatest help that can be given to children. They want to be loved by a mother and a father who love one another, and they need to dwell, grow and live together with both parents, because the maternal and paternal figure are complementary in the education of children and in the construction of their personality and their identity.

"Hence, it is important that everything possible is done to make them grow in a united and stable family."

"A family environment that is not serene, the division of the couple and, in particular, separation with divorce do not fail to have consequences for the children," the Bishop of Rome cautioned, "whereas supporting the family and promoting its good, its rights, its unity and stability, is the best way of protecting the rights and the genuine needs of minors."

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yearning for wholeness

What I desire most in my life right now is for my family to be made whole again. I want so much for my wife to love me and even more to learn to be a better husband. My heart aches so much for my children everyday because children suffer the most when families fall apart. I frequently thank God for such a precious gift, but yet lack the understanding of why they deserve such hurt. I feel like a great failure to my kids because as father I cannot protect them from the devastation of our broken family. I often wonder why God gave us free will when all we do is screw things up with it. He had to know all of the hurtful and sinful things we would do with free will and yet He gave it to us anyway. With my free will I choose to be strong for my kids. Raising them is my top priority right now. I gain strength through prayer, going to Mass, and by making use of the Sacraments such as Confession and Adoration.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From the mouth of Pope Benedict XVI!

Recently Pope Benedict XVI spoke about families saying "families are beleaguered and under siege". He noted that this was especially true in western countries that have embraced a culture of divorce. He spoke the hard truth and sometimes the truth is very hard. Here are some excerpts of what the Pope said:

"This is the principle that is being undermined and compromised by the practice of divorce, through the so-called extended and mobile family which increases the number of 'fathers' and 'mothers' and leads to a situation today in which the majority of those who feel orphaned are not children without parents but children with a surplus of parents. This situation, with its inevitable ... crisscross relationships cannot but generate internal conflict and confusion that contributes to giving children a distorted idea of the family".

"The firm conviction of the Church is that the true solution to the problems which married couples currently face and which weaken their union is a return to the solidity of the Christian family, a place of mutual trust, of reciprocal giving, of respect for freedom and of education to social life".

"With all the understanding the Church feels towards certain situations, couples in their second marriage are not like those in their first; theirs is an irregular and dangerous situation which must be resolved, in faithfulness to Christ, finding, with the help of the priest, a way possible to rehabilitate everyone involved", the Holy Father said.

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It' s a boy!

My sister-in-law Sarah, and brother-in-law Justin are having a boy! I just want to congratulate them again as they embark on parenthood and all of its joys!